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Your first NZ Superlap Series race day

If you’re not sure what to expect at your first Superlap event, read on!

To help guide you along the way, we have outlined the steps working up to a “typical” race day, including documentation and scrutineering.

Variations will occur between different clubs, circuits and organisers, so be sure to read the information sent by the organisers and if in doubt, ask!

Rules – Motorsport has its dangers, and a need to ensure fair competition. The rules are there to keep it safe, fair and enjoyable.

Understanding of class, or series rules is vital for fair competition and for you to be competitive. Make sure that you know what you can and cannot do with your car, and if in doubt, ask the Series Coordinator.

Three weeks before race day

You should have completed your entry for the meeting online. Remember - late entries may not necessarily be accepted, especially if we have opened up the round to individual entrants to fill up spaces – once our spots are all filled, we can’t fit more drivers in. Entries for most rounds are completed on the www.motorsportentry.com website. It isn’t the most user friendly site to use, but once you get your initial setup done once, you’ll find it pretty quick in future. Supplementary Regulations are available to read and we suggest you have a look through these as you do your entry form.

You should have your license (if you have one), MSNZ logbook and club membership all up to date. If not – get it sorted urgently. You are not likely to be allowed to compete if the paperwork isn’t right.

One week before race day
2-3 days before
The day before
Race day – Leaving home
Race day - Arriving at the meeting
Fuel storage and refueling
Officials of the meeting
Drivers Briefing
Novice briefing
Superlap briefing
Pre Race
Before you grid
The Race
Being overtaken by a faster car
Slow in the pits please!
Withdrawal from the meeting
Accident damage
After Racing
Any Questions?
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