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2016-2017 NZ Superlap Hall of Fame

Pro Open Winner - Team RevolutioNZ

Pro Open Runner Up - Hans Ruiterman

Pro Open 3rd Place - Jason Shortt

Superlap Ambassador - Jason Shortt

Pro Street Champ - Iain Clegg

Pro Street 4WD Winner - Iain Clegg

Sportsmanship Award - Iain Clegg

Pro Street 4WD Runner Up - Andy Brooking

Pro Street 4WD Third Place - Kat Benson

Pro Street 2WD Winner - Mark Collier

Best Engineered Racecar - Mark Collier

Pro Street 2WD Runner Up - Jason Morris

Pro Street 2WD Third Place - Brian Schofield

Most Improved Driver - Brian Schofield

Street King - Matt Gray

Street 2WD Winner - Matt Gray

Street 2WD Runner Up - Darren McDonald

Street 2WD Third Place - Peach Ardagh

Street 4WD Winner - Team Evokits

Street 4WD Runner Up - Michael Nealis

Street 4WD Third Place - Luke Parker

Most Reliable Racecar/Team - Team ETF

Most Presented Racecar/Team - Team MacMorris

Most Tenacious Driver - Bradley Haines

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